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Author, Artist, Accessories designer so much talent rolled into one package.

D.B is a young woman who inspires to become a Motivational Speaker through writing self help books. She enjoys drawing, making and baking and just pretty much anything that she can get her hands into.

D.B is a young creative and spiritual woman that was born and bred in the city of London, originally from the Broadwater Farm Estate in Tottenham. At the age of 17 her decision to fly the nest allowed to grow and develop. Her outlook on life allows her to express her lyrical genius.

Growing up Denise was always an academic and creative child as well as academic, her preference has always been to gain hands on experience. With age and wisdom D.B discovered her ability to write in a captivating poetic way. She learned to mix words with pictures to engage her audience in an uplifting, mysterious way. D.B. naturally gravitated to creative lifestyles and career experiences such as event organisation poetry, creative writing, abstract art and song writing. There is no limit to D.B.’s desire to explore as many artistic and craft roads as she can.

Her insights and passion for art is of a very clear perspective, she see things in her own unique way, a way that deeply connects her with the universe. She believes words and art have just as much power as meaning. This is why she chooses to mix both mediums at all times.

Her art work is mainly based on pop art and abstract art. D.B uses art and poetry to express her feelings in a provocative way and feels this is her only way to express her true feelings and words.

D.B has studied a number of courses including fitness, unfortunately none of these courses allowed her creativity to flow. Although they kept her mind occupied and broadened her horizons.

It was during her time with the Prince’s Trust when she fell in love with helping the community. She was able to flourish in her chosen dreams at the time which was to put on events that aimed at youth of the community. Events allowing the youth to showcase their talent and reward them with stepping stones in the pathway to achieving their dreams. One of the events she had the opportunity to put on was an underground talent show in one of Tottenham's great parks to showcase the youth of Tottenham and its surrounding boroughs, the event was a success. It also saved the legendary stage space that had become a Landmark for the area from being demolished.

In 2008 D.B joined a training course called DV8 training and she studied an intense course for Events Management. It was during this time that she tapped into her musical side as she was forced to take a music course, as well as, her chosen course. She took the opportunity gain the knowledge that it took to be able to produce and organise her own events she managed to produced 2 musical tracks which she created from beat right up to lyrics and production. The track titles are "Basil Bee" and "Everything you do.”
D.B has also been involved with one of London's biggest Youth Mental Health groups, she took on the roles as Team Leader and Events Planner. She had the chance to make choices and expand her knowledge even further in event planning as she had to take control of the project to plan another big event for Tottenham.

D.B loves all things great in this world so here she is trying to make great things happen.

D.B believes love is the key, so she says that she seeks it and dishes it out daily. She is very caring, funny, cute and moody. She loves meeting new and like minded people, and is always up for a good time if the vibe is right.

"Don't try to understand me just love me..." - D.B


• Candles
• Bath salts
• Paintings and other handmade crafts coming soon

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