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Rastickz started writing lyrics at the age of 17, originally for the Grime and Garage scene. His real passion is his love for Reggae and Dancehall. After years of being around and working with his dad’s sound Article Vibes led me to focus my music career as a reggae rapper and singer, he have spent the past three years working on my craft in this direction. He is inspired by the late greats Bob Marley & Garnett Silk as well as international artists Bounty Killer, Nas & Damien Marley. 

As a positive and conscious young man looking out at society today Rastickz established that the young and upcoming generation are lost and need positive inspiration and role models. He uses music to inspire and uplift, to focus and channel their energy into something constructive and productive. His lyrics are for young and old, female and male a universal language for all to enjoy.

‘Rastickz’s The EP’ is just a small sample of what he has got to offer the world. The rest is a surprise. At the moment Rastickz is working on an album entitled ‘Positive Artist’ which is a variety of genres and styles for everyone such as Hip-Hop R&B, reggae and dancehall. This album will have a few collaborations with some unsigned artists giving a unique flavour to enhance the positive messages within the songs. Rastickz is also working on a mixtape entitled ‘Heightz it up”. Release dates coming soon. 

Rastickz is not only a recording artist, singer/song writer he is also a promoter, and a host with Full Joy Family (formerly known as Street Vybz) in Bradford, for more information contact Rastickz on any of his social networking platforms. He has spent years networking with established and upcoming people in the music industry.

Rastickz over the years has performed at various events with artists like Lady Danga, M Dot R, around the UK, and was set to be the opening act for I-Octane and Serani on their UK tours unfortunately due to circumstances beyond his control the event was cancelled.

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